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Over the years, our commitment to excellence and passion for our clients has been recognized.

Why do business in Colombia?

Colombia is a growing economy.

Many areas of the country, long time ago left out of the economy due to the internal conflict, will now be open for development.

More friendly towards foreign investment than most Latin American countries.

Colombia has a modern regulation favoring foreign trade (Duty Free Zones).

there is a growing number of free trade agreements, and agreements to avoid double taxation.

We help clients in establishing their company or entering into the right agreements with local parties, while complying with all relevant regulations.

Our clients contact us when:


They realize they need to establish in Colombia in order to conduct business in the country


They need to do a contract with a local party to develop their activity.


They need other legal support in Colombia to safeguard their operations.

Doing business in Colombia through foreign direct investment

Foreign direct investment (FDI) is an investment made by a company or individual in a foreign country, in the form of either establishing business operations or acquiring business assets in the other country, such as ownership or controlling interest in a foreign company. We take care of your investment process. From tax and corporate planning, to corporate and commercial law work associated to the operation of the business.


Know more about our foreign direct investment services.

Operate from Duty Free Zone

corporate colombia planning

Doing business in Colombia by operating from a duty free zone gives you opportunities to financially benefit from taxes and customs regulations.


We get you all the law work done and guide you through the process of qualifying as a duty free zone. Know more about our services for duty free operations clicking here.

Do business with Colombian residents

Doing business in Colombia involves entering into contracts where the applicable law is Colombia. You have our support and our experience in dealing with Colombian law particularities.

Count on us for your next business decision in Colombia.
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