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Contract Law

Abusaid Gómez y Asociados provides full assistance before, during, and after any contractual stage regarding the different effects that the relationship between parties may derive.

Corporate Law

Significant trajectory in corporate matters, advising clients from the incorporation of legal vehicles to deploy operations in Colombia, to the completion of their activities, including compliance with all legal requirements.

Exchange Law

Abusaid Gómez y Asociados is a firm dedicated to serve Colombian and foreign clients, which is why it has a wide experience in all matters related to transactions mandatorily channeled through the foreign exchange market.

Labor Law

Being familiar with the high level of protection that Colombian law grants to workers, at Abusaid Gómez y Asociados we offer the necessary advice to face all types of conflicts between employer and worker.

Immigration Law

Due to the global opening, we have a practice area focused on Colombian immigration regulations. The Firm’s experience in these processes has allowed it to satisfactorily advise its clients with respect to a multiplicity of immigration procedures.

Tax Law

Abusaid Gómez y Asociados has extensive experience in providing services related to tax requirements in the Colombian territory.


We are a team of passionate lawyers with a comprehensive vision of business. We provide simple solutions to complex legal matters always in the best interest of our clients.


Regulation of cryptocurrencies in Colombia

Regulation of cryptocurrencies in Colombia

Author - Natalia Contreras - Associate Lawyer With the latent growth of cryptocurrencies or cryptoassets, it has become an essential task for governments to develop and implement norms that regulate this type of currencies, which allow the safe trade of these assets...

Cannabis industry and banks in Colombia

Cannabis industry and banks in Colombia

It is well known that Colombia is one of the most desired and “in vogue” destinations for the development of cannabis cultivation and extraction projects. It is also well known, unfortunately, that the banking sector has, for the most part, rejected opening any...